We want to make sure we answer all your website speed optimization questions.

If you would like to talk with Steve about how to fix site speed issues, call (574) 228-4687 or email [email protected].

Our team looks at each site and makes improvements based on what will improve page loading speeds and improve the customer experience.
  • We compress file sizes of images and scripts, and when necessary adjust elements that delay the rendering of your pages.
  • We crawl the site using GTMetrix to establish a baseline and identify opportunities for speeding up your website.
  • We send content through a content delivery network (CDN) if one is not already in use.
  • A team developer will leverage caching so that a snapshot of the page loads instead of the actual code, allowing the page to appear faster on the screen.
  • If your social plugins are pulling in unnecessary info, we swap out a cleaner more efficient plugin that reduces loading times.
  • A team member removes WordPress plugins that are no longer required.
  • And so much more!

If there’s an issue directly caused by our speed optimization process, we will take care of it quickly and for free. 

Already done some speed optimization on your own but can’t seem to make it faster? Don’t worry. In most cases, we can help you speed it up further with our more customized speed optimization approach we call “Stage 2 Speed Optimization”. Just call us at 574-213-9829 or submit the form and tell us where you’re at with it. We’ll analyze the site and tell you what is needed to make it faster.

Google PageSpeed Insights is just what it says – insight. 

If you were to make all the changes suggested by the tool, the likelihood is that your site would not work or the presentation would be off.

Our focus is on one thing: true loading time. It’s common for a site to have mixed scores but load very quickly. We consider the speed testing tools and what they say and balance their recommendations with your customer’s needs.

What you want are the fastest times possible and a website that looks good and operates like its supposed to.

Our reputation is established and we have one of the highest ratings in the Northern Indiana area. Many of our clients have worked with us for years. You can see what our clients have to say about us on Google or on our other website.

Our company, Effect Web Agency has its main office in Granger, Indiana. We also have offices in Indianapolis and Kansas City. Effect has been an established business, serving local, regional, and global clients for over 15 years. 

We have several highly skilled web developers on our team. Our developers are specialists in WordPress web design and creating custom web designs. They have the experience and know-how to fix site speed issues.

We’ve also coded unique things like a drag-n-drop cabinet configurator, complicated database-driven intranet systems, hybrid apps, and even fixed an old system written in half-encrypted French coding.

  1. First, we need to make sure that we can help you by doing the Free Review of your website.  Please fill out the Request a Free Review form.
  2. We will review your site and identity what is causing the slowness. We promise full transparency. If we are not confident that we can double the speed of your site, we will tell you.
  3. Once we know we can help, we’ll give you a customized estimate for your website.
  4. After your payment is made, we will schedule and complete your speed optimization in 1-5 business days.
  5. When done, we’ll show you the Before and After loading time differences and any other recommendations we have for you.

You can send us login information via our web form or you can call us. We will be happy to step you through the process and explain what giving us access entails.

We always do our optimization work on a copy of the live site to avoid downtime.

Once your site speed has doubled, we will push the copy of the site live and test to make sure everything transferred correctly.

Yes! Please contact us and discuss your sites and how many sites you are needing speed optimization for. We can whitelabel our service to you, do one-time jobs or work with you every month to help with various clients.  We’ve been a full-service web agency for 15 years and have a great reputation so we know how to take care of people. Our agency website is EffectWebAgency.com

Make your site blazing fast!

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